Flowers / Fleurs

Here you will find a whole collection of flowers or plants, make your choice and receive flowers that will never wither. You will also be able to order births or weddings cards and other special occasions

Ici vous trouverez toute une collection de fleurs ou plantes , faites votre choix et recevez des fleurs qui ne flétriront jamais. Il vous sera aussi possible de commander des faireparts de naissances, mariages et autres occasions spécifiques


Different sizes and colors are available .

70X100 cm 200€

25X36 cm 45€

21x14 cm 20€

handmade post cards 4€

A small card for a big beautiful mushroom

Spring circle


price: 50€

Iris purple, red and pink

size: 30.5cm x45.5cm

50€ each


size: 36cmx51cm

price: 90€

Flower's meadow

size: 30.5cm x45.5cm

ink on paper

Price 120€


Watercolor painting on paper


Price: 90€

Peony sold

Blue meaadow sold


How to order

Step 1: 

Select on this page the painting you want

pink envelope
pink envelope

Step 2:

Send me a message by mail or Instagram

Step 3:

We will discuss  your project and agree on the different features

assorted-color paints and paintbrushes on white tarp
assorted-color paints and paintbrushes on white tarp

Step 4:

Let's start your order